Here’s a 4800 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Weight Gain


The world of bodybuilding demands a lot of patience and a whole lot of diet planning. Lack of information about the right kind of diet may become a hindrance in the journey of bodybuilding. Gaining weight is a crucial factor in building a good body. You must be definitely serious about gaining weight. This is what has brought you here in the first place. So, here is a healthy weight gain Indian diet that includes the right foods that you should consume to gain weight in a healthy manner.



Indian Diet Plan For Weight Gain (3000 calories)

Food ItemCaloriesProtein (gms )
Early Morning
1 glass of milk8250
2 or 3 Bananas 180
Soaked Almonds 10 gm (6-7 pcs)350
Masala Dosa with Sambar, Chutney (2, 2 cups,1 spoon)3 + 6200+100+50
Or  mung dal chilla (pancake ) with paneer stuffing (2 pcs)8250
Or Omelette, Toasted bread (2 eggs 6 bread slices)8 +4160+300
Groundnut chikki / Dry Fruit chikki (3-4 pcs)8150
Roasted Soyabean / Almonds (Handful)7150
1 glass Lassi6150
1 cup Sprout salad6100
Or chicken soup (1 bowl)6100
Chapati 2 pcs3200
Veg (potato/ cauliflower/ cabbage/ ladyfinger / bottlegourd/ ridgegourd/ brinjal etc) (2 cups)1150
Dal / legumes (soyabean / moth/ mung etc) (1 cup)5150
Rice / biryani / pulav (veg / non veg) (1 cup)2150
Tea / Coffee (1 cup)1100
Cookies (4 pcs)2100
Groundnut chikki / DryFruit chikki (3-4 pcs)8150
Roasted Soyabean / Almonds (hand full)7150
Dinner same as lunch18750
Milk  (Add 2 tsp skimmed milk powder ) (1 glass)8250
2 Banana180
Soaked Almonds 10 gm (6-7 pcs)350



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