Indian Diet Plan For Six Pack Abs


While you may find a lot of articles telling you what to eat and what not to eat to get six pack abs, we would like to clarify that this article doesn’t have anything of that sort. We rather offer you a detailed analysis of nutrient consumption throughout the day needed to get six pack abs. Here, you will get to know what you need to eat at different times of the day.


You can try different options and eat what you like while keeping in mind the calorific value of consumption.





Indian diet plan for six pack abs breakfast


Whole grains and fruits are the best foods to have in your breakfast. Make your first meal of the day healthy and nutritious by including oatmeal to your diet. It has fibre which makes you feel energetic throughout the day.


Another healthy option for breakfast is to have protein. Protein improves your metabolism and fills your tummy. Eggs and whey protein shakes are the best sources of protein intake in the morning.


What To Eat:


  • 1 bowl of strawberries, grapes or apples
  • Omelets of 2-3 egg whites cooked in olive oil.
  • A half-cup serving of oatmeal in water.
  • Whey powder shake.


Snack 1


Snacking in between meals can help you curb the need to eat more. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy nutritious meal portions. During the first half of the day, you should have more of dense calorie foods. Leafy green salads, tomatoes, and cucumbers would be the ideal choice.


What To Eat:

  • Pinto beans/green beans.
  • A bowl of veggies.
  • Fresh fruits like an apple or banana




Indian diet plan for six pack abs what to eat


Have your meal carefully planned. Your lunch can have lean meat, broccoli and brown rice. Add at least one fruit to the meal. Fruits like grapes or mango would be ideal. Make sure that your diet is not loaded with carbs and sucrose.


What To Eat:


  1. One bowl of brown rice
  2. 1 small bowl of green salad.
  3. Half a bowl of lentils or kidney beans (rajma)
  4. Cottage cheese without fats/grilled tofu/lean meat.


Snack 2


Your post-lunch snack should be high in protein. Soy nuts and almonds are good for the purpose.

What To Eat:


  1. Walnuts, almonds, and pecans about a half cup.
  2. A whey shake or smoothie mixed in skimmed milk




Indian diet plan for six pack abs dinner


You can have a single serving of boiled chicken with salad or lettuce with broccoli. Having protein shake before bed can be a healthy advantage.


What To Eat:


  1. 1-2 pieces of boiled chicken.
  2. Lettuce with broccoli.
  3. 1 orange


Protein supplements


Indian diet plan for six pack abs protein supplements


Whey Protein and Casein protein are two forms of protein which help you achieve your goal of getting six pack abs. Whey is a fast release protein while casein takes time (about 5 to 6 hours) to reach your bloodstream. Include them in your diet to get the benefits from both.


While diet plays a crucial role in getting six pack abs, exercise and rest are equally important in getting the desired results. Make sure you get enough of all to maintain a balance. Share with us your thoughts on the best strategies to get six pack abs. We would love to start a conversation in the comment section.


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