Indian Superfoods For Weight Gain


Calorie intake plays a major role in healthy weight gain. Consuming high-calorie foods with less or no nutritional value is of no use for weight gain. It can only increase your fat mass and give your body a really bad shape. To get a good lean muscle mass you need to gain weight the right way. Here are some Indian superfoods for weight gain that can help you reach your goal.

Healthy Weight Gain Foods (Non-Veg)


Eggs are the richest source of natural protein which can help you meet several natural nutrient requirements in one go. Considered to be one of the most effective foods to gain weight, it contains vitamins A, D, E and good cholesterol which does not affect the health of your heart.


Lean Red Meat

Lean Red Meat is a delicious source of weight gain. It works much better than supplements. It contains lots of protein and iron which are good for weight gain.



Chicken is another great source of protein and nutrients which can give you a calorie boost. When compared to weight gain pills it works much better.


Oily Fishes

Salmon and tuna are two oily fishes that help you gain weight. These are extremely healthy and helps you put on lean mass and gain weight in a healthy way.

Milk Products for Healthy Weight Gain


Whole Fat Milk

Whole fat milk is rich in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Proteins are the building blocks that help in muscle formation. On the other hand, saturated fats increase the production of testosterone for muscle growth. This makes milk the best superfood for weight gain and muscle generation.



Most of us like to add a dollop of butter to our meals. It is a fat rich dairy product that helps in weight gain. 100 grams of butter contains 81 grams of fat. Adding this to your diet can help you bulk up quickly. But, make sure that you consume this product in moderation as it contains a certain amount of saturated fat that can clog your arteries.



Fresh yogurt contains good bacteria which helps in improving your gastrointestinal health. However, you need to avoid consuming flavored or frozen yogurt as it contains added preservatives and sugars which are in no way good for your body. Greek yogurt is better than regular yogurt as it is a concentrated product and contains twice the protein that is essential for muscle gain.


Healthy Weight Gain (Veg)



Oatmeal is known to help in weight loss. But, did you know that when consumed in the right quantities it can aid in weight gain? It actually makes a nutritious breakfast loaded with nutrients and fiber to help in weight gain. It contains the nutrient niacin which is used by our body for building muscles.



This easy to digest fruit is nutrient-packed and is loaded with carbohydrates. It is a good choice for post-workout food. It replenishes the body with nutrients and boosts the process of gaining weight.


Healthy Oils

Olive oil, almond oil, canola oil, and coconut oil are some of the healthiest oils that can be included in your diet. A tablespoon of oil contains about 15gms of fat and 120 calories. The fats in these oils are unsaturated fats that help in weight gain and reduction of cholesterol level in the blood.


Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds have high calories and are packed with nutrients. 1 cup of mixed peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and pistachios contains about 530 calories, 20 grams of carbs, 45 grams of fat and 20 grams of protein.

Final Tip: Drinking milk is a great way to add protein to your diet. It contains both casein and whey proteins.


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