Muscle Building Diet Plan For The Indian Hosteller


In this article, we are going to share with you the perfect Indian muscle building diet for hostellers living in India. As students, we do not have enough budget for bearing the expenses needed for bodybuilding. Considering this as a major factor, this diet plan is low on budget and yet it is perfect for muscle building.


As a hosteller, most of the items that you find in the hostel mess are mostly oily stuff. You need to avoid such stuff. Instead, get a glass of milk and use it to make a tasty oatmeal for your breakfast.

Take about 60 grams of natural oats in a bowl. Add hot milk to it. Allow it to rest for some time so that the oats get cooked in the steam. Now add 10 to 12 almonds and 1 teaspoon of flax seeds to the mixture. Finally, add 1 banana to it. You can also go for any other fruit of your choice. Almonds give you healthy fat. Flaxseeds give you omega 3 and bananas give you natural sugar and potassium.

You can also have boiled eggs with yolk along with your oatmeal. This is a really well-balanced diet for muscle building and doesn’t cost you much.

Mid-morning snack

Roasted peanuts and bhuna chana are easy to carry around and are hence great options for a mid-morning snack. You can also go for 1 large banana shake during this time of the day. These are great sources of complex carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and potassium.


One of the things that you get to see in a hostel mess at lunchtime is that the table is set with foods like rice, chapati, dal, curry and salad. Here you have to be a little smart and choose only what is essential for you. Choose a carbohydrate source like rice or chapati. Go for whole wheat chapatis as they contain complex carbohydrates. Do not miss the salad as it is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals. Make sure to have the dal as they are rich in protein.

Pre-workout meal

The pre-workout meal is about getting enough carbohydrate that will help you stay energised throughout the workout session. There are so many options for this meal. But, the most convenient ones for hostellers would be black chickpeas. You just have to soak them overnight and you can have them in the morning. You can also have roasted chickpeas which are perfect for a pre-workout meal.

If you can bear the expenses, you can also opt for whey protein. Have 1 scoop of whey with ½ litre double toned milk. Also, you can have 4 slices of bread with jam or butter as your pre-workout meal.

Post-workout meal

Post-workout meal is one of the most important meals of the day. Eight egg whites along with three bananas is an ideal option for a post-workout meal. For vegetarians, there is the option to have paneer which is a good source of protein. If you can afford, you can have whey protein with bananas mixed in water.


You probably get the same options for dinner in the hostel mess as you get for your lunch. Select only what you need and avoid the rest. We recommend having 3-4 chapatis and a plate of rice along with a bowl of daal. Also, have chicken breast or paneer (if you are a vegetarian).

This is the diet plan that you can use for muscle building during your days in the hostel. You can also try and make some variations in this diet plan to see what really works for you. At the end of the day, it is your budget that matters while planning your diet during hostel life.

Hope you found this post helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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